4. Hungary

Sightseeing by Budapest. The 2 million city is like many others: Busy people rushing around, beggars, Bar's, restaurants, food stalls, Nobel boutiques, old houses falling apart, new Glass facades, wealth and poverty side by side.. In many cases I was warmly recommended to visit Budapest's thermal baths. At 28 ° C outside temperature? In Germany I only go in winter to the sauna! Open for new experiences I opt for the Turkish bath Rudas. For 3,100 forints (? 10) incl. Towel. The different hot pools that hellishly hot steam saunas, where you can barely breathe without burning your lungs, "calm" rooms full of snoring locals (afternoon) ... everything I've done. But not my thing at 28 ° C outside temperature. And I did a great experience: a 42 ° C hot pool and my sunburn do not mix !!!

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